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From left to right-- Holly with A Touch of Otoe, Alexis with Im Guaranteed Good, and Courtney with JS She Got Game.  All wearing their TailsByJill tails!  JS She Got Game has had her same black TailsByJill tail for 7 years!!!  All horses and girls are trained by Jan Davis in Springfield, MO.

Welcome to Tails By Jill!
Tails by Jill is a small operation.  I pride myself with quality affordable tail extensions.  All tails are 100% horse hair and undyed (with the exception of only one color, jet black IS dyed).  These tails are all legal "hair to hair" attachment.  Making them legal for many breed associations including AQHA, PHBA, NSBA, APHA, PtHA, POAC, etc.  I do guarantee my work, if you are unhappy with your tail for any reason, I offer a full refund of the purchase price.  Please see my policies page for more information.

Pictured is a loop top

I have been making tails for many years.  It started out that I made them for my own horses.  Tails were very expensive back then and buying tails for all the horses we were showing was tough!  I didnt know where to get the hair (I was just a teenager then), so I started picking it up in wash racks at shows where other horses had stepped on their tails and pulled it out, took some off our broodmares, etc.  I would hot glue them together and make a "tail".....well, the problem with hot glue is, the TOP WAS HUGE!!!!  But, I didnt care, it was "my show tail" and my horse luckily had enough hair to cover the top :)

I started getting better ways to make them and had friends wanting some...so, I HAD to find a horse hair supplier.  I found one and started making hair for my friends and great prices.  Well, they started telling their friends, who told their friends, well, it turned into a small business!!

My tails are made by hand, care taken to each one of them.  The tops are STRONG.  The loops and ties are made when the tails are made, and glued with the top, making them extra stong.  They are not just "knoted up under the cap".  My ties and loops are also made strong.  They are not itty bitty braids that you can barely see.  They are bigger and stronger.  I offer FREE repair on my loops and ties if they are to break.  If they BREAK, not if they are accidently cut when removing from a horses tail, if they break.  Shipping to and from is the only cost to you.  If you happen to have a tail needing a top repair not made by me, well, I do that too.  Cost is only $5 for the repair and $6 shipping back to you.

I also make "tails" from hair that people have "collected" or from a dear true friend that has passed away and the owners cut the tail off of.  That can be done for only $20 and $6 shipping back to you as long as the hair is neatly rubber banded and not in a total mess.

I also occasionally have a good used tail available for sale.  They will be posted on the online page for sale.

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Did you buy a tail from China that was not glued at the top and is or has fallen apart?  Many, many unsuspecting people bought "cheap" tails from a China seller, particularly on Ebay and they have contacted me asking me to "fix" their tails that are falling apart, most after only ONE or TWO uses!  If this has happened to you, yes, I can fix that tail as long as the hair is not in a wadded up mess.  Simply rubber band it really well, box it up and ship it to us.  Repairs are only $26 including shipping to the USA!  It is hard to tell if your tail is worked that way, as they put a top on it so you can not see how the tail is made...if your tail looks like this, it is very possible that your tail is NOT glued and WILL fall apart. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF WHAT THESE TAILS LOOK LIKE ON THE INSIDE UNDER THE CAP! 

Tailsbyjill.com* 4060A Crawford Rd* Everton * AR * USA * 72633 Phone: (870) 429-5406